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“The Maine Coons of Lilia Golfarelli”
These true “Yankees” have been bred with great passion and love for over 25 years. They have been selected from the very best American bloodlines according to character, temperament and high breed standards.

From its origins to today  “ The Maine Coons of Lilia Golfarelli” has strived to make this breed of cats better known and appreciated in Italy.  Our cats live happy but free, monitored and protected, so as to enhance their natural intelligence and kindly disposition and encourage their predisposition to becoming a loving family member. In this way, they are able to easily bond with their new Cat Parents, and successfully help to promote the breed of “MAINE COON CATS”.

Since the beginning of 1984-85 to the present, “Lillycoon’s” has won top awards with their cats. . With the conservation and protection of the breed kept foremost in mind, they have taken extreme care in the selection of the breed, as regards STANDARDS and CHARACTER, by combining the best American and European bloodlines. This has guaranteed, ensured and permitted the preservation of the precious genetic heritage that this magnificent cat carries with it, so it is imperative that this genetic heritage not be lost!

All breeding males and females, are periodically tested for HCM and PKD = FIV / FELV = ALL RESULTING NEGATIVE.

Kittens are available after 12 weeks of age, once they are weaned, physically stable, and have received basic inoculations. They are handed over with complete documentation attesting results of their tests (including those of their parents’ tests), their vaccinations and the Transfer Contract.

LILIA GOLFARELLI is the first Breeder in Italy to have gained admission to the most exclusive CLUB OF AMERICAN BREED for MAINE COONS, of which she is an Official M.C.B.F.A. Breeder. This is the “Club for the Protection of the Maine Coon Breed ” and it groups together the biggest AMERICAN ASSOCIATIONS.

LILIA GOLFARELLI is on the board of the MAINE COON CLUB which never ceases to passionately promote a better knowledge and understanding of this splendid breed. LILIA GOLFARELLI and her loyal friend PAOLO TARICIOTTI have been working together tirelessly for years, pursuing this magnificent dream with dedication and perseverance.